Consultation Call

$100.00 30 minutes

One-on-one consultation and personalized vegan menu and healing plan for your specific journey.



There is more in the unseen than what is seen. Life can be rediculously busy and can easily overwhelm us. We find little to no time for self-care, managing stress, and eating right on a daily basis. Be encouraged, planning healthy and nutritous meals for ourselves or our families does not have to be hard! There is help! I would love to connect you and your situation to God’s best. I will use my gift and expertise while following God’s guidance to create a fully customized meal plan for you. Every single detail down to the specific seasons to use for your meals is inspired by God and organically made for your highest good.

What’s Included:
– A phone consultation to discuss your personal health goals, dietary goals and needs. ($50/30 min)
– A fully customized meal plan that includes options for weekly (one week), biweekly (two weeks) and monthly (four weeks) meal plans. (Starting at $50)
– Each daily meal plan will include the following: breakfast, lunch, two snacks, and dinner.
– Full recipes that are delicious and easy to follow.

How it works:
1. Fill out the booking form.
2. Book a phone consultation to talk more in depth about your health goals and dietary needs. (Tuesday’s Only)
3. After our call I will reach out via email, with any questions or concerns within 72 hours.
4. After receiving all relevant information, I will send your meal plan via email.

*Meal plans will take 3-5 business days to complete depending on the size of the meal plan. This timeline starts once all information is received and consultations are complete.


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